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This photo was taken in Remus’ dorm. He had been studying when Sirius snuck up behind him and dropped a newt down his jacket. He was leaping up to hex him when Peter took the shot. He later claimed it was the first time he’d managed to catch Remus’ looking murderous in a photo. He saved the picture, not because he liked it, but because it captured a moment he never wanted to forget. The four of them, just being themselves. He also had a sneaking suspicion Sirius had a thing for his glasses…


2. Have your character write a letter to their younger, pre-Hogwarts self. (Yes first person please.)

Dear Remus,
I know you won't believe me, but I just wanted you to know. It gets better. You will make the best friends of your life, and they will show you what it means to be human. You will share everything with them, and they will accept you exactly as you are. And one of them will become your everything.
Just hold on,

3. Write about the easiest decision your character ever had to make. Then switch and write about the hardest.
Easiest:  Whether to take Arithmancy or Care of Magical Creatures
Hardest: Admiting to his friends that he is a werewolf

4. What does the word "home" make your character think of? Write a short snippet. A memory, a poem, etc.

Home is wherever you are.

5. List the 7 most remarkable experiences in your character's life.</lj-cut>

1. Being Bitten
2. Meeting Sirius, James, and Peter
3. His Mothers Death
4. Admitting to being a werewolf, and having his friends accept him
5. The Willow Incident
6. Almost Killing James
7. Kissing Sirius by the Lake


Charmed to Lily

Lily? Are you... Are you angry with me? I've been trying to talk to you all week but... Whatever I did, I'm sorry. Are you alright?

Charmed to Sirius

Full Moon Monday night.

I know James and Peter have detention but... Will you still be there?

Charmed to Sirius

You've ruined me. I haven't been able to properly concentrate on anything all day.
I swear to God, if you ever come near him again it will be the last thing you ever do.

I won't rate, don't ask me.

I am officially stating my dislike of these ratings. They do nothing but further widen the gap between students. So I'm not doing it.

Sunday 5 #2

1. Select a quote (can be literary, historical, a song lyric, etc) that either serves as a perfect motto or sums up your character well. Elaborate if you wish!
There are moments when Nature reveals the passion hidden beneath the careless calm of her ordinary moods--violent spring flashing white on almond-blossom through the purple clouds; a snowy, moonlit peak, with its single star, soaring up to the passionate blue; or against the flames of sunset, an old yew-tree standing dark guardian of some fiery secret. - John Galsworthy: The Forsyth Saga

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Charmed to James and Sirius

I... This just came. Owl post. I guess I... have to go in. This weekend.

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